You're trying to sleep, but all sorts of noises are trying to wake you up! You can use the lightsaber to block them, but that uses up power, which can be restored with batteries; the more you have, the bigger your lightsaber. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the lightsaber. Try to last as long as you can. Good luck!

Update: Version 1.2: Now you can collect a new powerup to restore sleepiness!

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Very good. I would just increase the frequency of the batteries by a little bit, but not to the point where it would become easy. 

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I really like the difficulty ramp in this game. I think there is a nice balance with the sound and gamplay. Nice job. You also left room to add more power-ups in the future, should you ever decide to come back to edit this game.

This game is the definition of lit! Audio with game play a good mix. Makes me want to get better.

Add a new power-up that would increase the mans sleepiness by 25%

Difficulty ramps up really quickly after 40 seconds, but but a semi-good game otherwise.

Also, at 40, the spawn rate becomes excessive.

Loved the sound effects, objective and design! It's really challenging and enjoyable. More power-ups would be nice like making the objects fall slower or restoring the sleepiness percentage. 

It's really difficult, but also why you want to play it.

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Solid gameplay. Good game length. Personal best time: 50 seconds. Maybe add option to control with mouse? Also, maybe make lightsaber taller/thicker so it is easier to see when it shorter. Nice sound effects and theme; appreciate detailed instructions page. (Don't forget to update instructions page when features are added, such as wrap.)

The powerup setup isn't very fair. You have to choice between blocking the enemies and recharging your lightsaber. That adds needless frustration.

Some power-ups like a longer saber would be cool