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The timer goes into negative numbers if you press play again after you lose. Maybe fixing that would be good? Oh and making a play again option for if you win would be nice too. 

Oh! A compass for the enemies as well would be nice!

Maybe when the game is over, add a "final score" to measure your performance -- the amount of fuel plus the amount of seconds, perhaps? That would motivate the player to be fast and precise when playing, and gives the game a competitive feel (who can get the highest score?).

Maybe the weapon can also be used for melee so you can continue even after running out of ammo.

This game is great. I like the leprechauns that were implemented. The only thing I would like is for the player character's walking speed to be a bit faster. Great job, nonetheless.

Liked the concept. Maybe the character could walk a bit faster and enemies could hit him somehow... Also, more enemies and maybe a "boss fight" would be nice! Overall, good job!
p.s: I just missed the rainbow,  where it was suppose to show up?

Good job, the game was very enjoyable to play. Before the game starts, it says "gat" the keys instead of "get" the keys, just keep in mind lol! The sound effects were very fitting as well. I think it would be better to make a game over if you run out of ammo with enemies left, but the ammo should be fixed to suggest this. 

Good game. Maybe give the leprechaun some magic powers such as warping or shooting?

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Maybe display an immediate "game over" message if you run out of ammo and there are still leprechauns left, and add a button that appears that offers you the chance to try again.

Add some scenery elements to the area to make it look more interested. Maybe a grassy background, and bushes and trees?

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A game over text is nice if you run out of fuel.

and only dirt? can we get some trees or something instead of a bland background.